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Investment Planning

Our management team have decades of combined experience in helping clients manage their wealth. Finding the right blend of risk/return/diversity/currency exposure/costs/tax treatment is a complex task - but with our help you can be sure that you are making the best decisions for you and your family. Call us on +34 605 890 932 to speak to an advisor.


Pension and Retirement Planning

By talking about your expectations and ambitions, we can help you construct a clear quantified analysis of your financial requirements for retirement, and help guide you about actions you can take to help you achieve your goals.

Many of our clients do not have significant employer pension schemes, and are concerned about the future levels of state benefits. Amalia Wealth can show you how to plan your own finances to help afford greater independence when you decide to retire.

We can also help you get a better understanding of any retirement / pension products that you already have - and help you understand the level of benefits they are likely to provide in the future.

Call us on +34 605 890 932 to speak to an advisor.


Existing Savings and Investments

Looking after your existing savings or investment products is one of the easiest ways of improving your finances. Our clients have often accumulated investments which seemed good at the time they were set up, but it is vital to monitor the performance and suitability of these as your needs change.

Given changes in markets, exchange rates, taxes and legislation, it is never too soon to ask one of our advisors to give your existing products a free health check. Call us on +34 605 890 932 to speak to an advisor.


Education Planning for your Children

Parents have all sorts ambitions for their children, the most common being to give them a great education. Depending on the nature of their studies, this could have major financial consequences for the parents. Often there are inconvenient "spikes" in costs - for instance university costs when the parents are very close to retirement age, or coping with two or more children with close ages who may be studying simultaneously.

Building some reserves by saving while your children are very young, could make it easier to cover the expenses later.

Parents may also want to plan for other expected costs, like weddings or helping children buy their first home - both of which are much easier to do with some advanced planning, and sound financial advice. Call us on +34 605 890 932 to speak to an advisor.