How much does the financial advice cost?

All initial meetings are free, and without obligation. As an independent broker, Amalia Wealth can help you find the most competitive products available. Under normal circumstances there are no additional costs for receiving our advice.

When arranging products, full literature is supplied showing all charges. Due to our links with major financial companies, we can often find ways of investing with considerable long term discounts.

How long will meetings take?

Normally initial meetings take 60-90 minutes.

How much money do I need to have to become a client of Amalia Wealth?

As an independent broker, we are only limited by the products available. Normally we can work with single payments starting from €40,000 or with regular savings accounts with monthly savings starting from €300 per month.

I manage my own investments - why do I need Amalia Wealth?

Our professional financial planners are able to look objectively at your finances - a perspective that the self investor simply cannot achieve. We can then access investment opportunities, market analysis and discount structures that are denied to individual consumers. We welcome active involvement from our clients, and believe adding to our unique insight and expertise will create superior results.

What are the risks of using Amalia Wealth?

We do not have products of our own, hold client money or have access to your investments. We recommend strong, reputable companies and our advice is backed by professional indemnity insurance.

How much money will I make?

Investment returns are linked to the risks taken, the length of time held and market conditions. We help each client define their own parameters in respect of these factors and use products from the world's best fund management companies. We then meet with you regularly to ensure that you have the maximum opportunities to make your wealth grow.

Is my data confidential?

Our company is subject to European data protection legislation. We do not sell or share client information with third party companies.