Working With Us


Working with us - the first steps

Financial advice is highly individual, therefore we like to meet our clients in person for an initial chat about our services and to see if we can help. This is done without fees or obligation. Many of our clients have busy professional schedules, so to make it easier we can meet at your office/home or you may visit us at our offices.

Being able to discuss your financial situation and current investments with an objective professional Financial Planner is useful to anyone, and by looking at your situation from a different perspective, we can often see ways to help you make improvements.

The agenda for an introductory meeting is usually as follows;

  • An introduction to Amalia, including the scope of our services

  • Completion of a confidential questionnaire, in which we find out more about your present situation and financial objectives

  • An analysis of your situation, and some high level recommendations

  • We can then help you prioritise your needs, and if required, prepare a specification list of what you would require from new products


At this point, we usually close the meeting, and if needed we can conduct research to find your perfect product. Recommendations and literature are then sent to you, so that you can read and digest them at your own pace. We would then meet again so that we can answer questions, get your feedback and set up the products as required.

Normally we meet our clients every three months to check the ongoing suitability of products to your circumstances, and to ensure the correct investment strategy is being followed.